Horticulture is a two year, hands-on program, at Marlington HS, where students will focus on two main areas of the industry.

In year one, Juniors will focus primarily on learning the Floral Design industry. In this course, students learn the principles and elements of design and then apply that knowledge with hands-on floral design lab projects. These include corsage and boutonniere construction, flower of the month club subscriptions, and event/banquet design to name a few. Students will also learn the basics of plant science and business management as they apply to the industry.

In year two, Seniors will learn the art of greenhouse management. Students learn how to maintain and operate a functional retail greenhouse. They learn how to plan and grow plants for our huge spring plant sale, grow hydroponic vegetables in four different types of hydroponic systems, and perform routine maintenance and upgrades to bring our facilities up to industry standards and grow this prestigious program.

The Horticulture program operates a fully operational retail greenhouse and floral shop where students are able to gain real world experience. Everyday skills like going to work, taking tasks and responsibilities, working with the public/customer service, sanitation and safety, and leadership.