premedical professions

Premedical Professions is a fast-paced class where junior students will earn a CTAG credit for Medical Terminology, learn how to assess a patient, and be exposed to a variety of medical careers. In the senior year, students will participate in an internship and test to earn their *STNA certification. STNA training requires clinical hours to be completed at clinical sites throughout the community. These clinical sites may require certain additional vaccinations and testing.

Students should consider Premedical Professions if they are interested in the following careers:

  • Nursing

  • Physician

  • Respiratory Therapist

  • Pharmacy Tech or Pharmacist

  • STNA

  • Medical Coding

  • Medical Assisting

Skill Necessary for Success

  • Written and verbal communication

  • Creative problem solving

  • Empathy in dealing with people

  • Ability to follow directions and assume responsibility

  • Interested in health and science

  • Ability to read a ruler, tape measure and weight scales

  • Basic reading and comprehension skills

  • Basic math skills

  • Finger and manual dexterity

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time

  • Tolerant working with blood and other bodily fluids

  • Ability to respond in emergency situations

*STNA Testing site states that “you may not test if you have any type of physical limitation (excluding pre-arranged ADA’s) that would prevent you from performing your duties as an STNA. (Examples: cast, arm/leg braces, crutches, etc.) Call D&SDT at (877)851-2355 immediately if you are on doctor’s orders. You must image and email, or fax, (419)422-8328, a doctor’s order within three (3) business days of your scheduled exam day to qualify for a free reschedule.”