job training coordination

The Job Training Coordination program provides technical, on-the-job training to students with disabilities who require intensive, individualized supports to transition to competitive, integrated employment upon graduation.

The class completes career exploration, employability, and soft skills training and provides students with work-based learning throughout Alliance City Schools and the Alliance community. 

Skills Necessary for Success 

Maintain good attendance and punctuality

• Demonstrate consistent personal hygiene and grooming

• Cooperation with others

• Perform assembly jobs according to instructions

• Follow routine

• Demonstrate ability to complete assigned task with good speed and quality

• Demonstrate appropriate social interactions with peers

• Follow written and spoken instructions

• Accept constructive criticism

• Work independently

• Show initiative

• Seek help when needed

Applicants must meet certain qualifications to apply for this program.  Please contact the instructor below for more information.

Extra Opportunities

Guests from area businesses come into the classroom to share with students about their business and what they look for in potential employees. Students get the opportunity to take field trips to various businesses and community establishments. Students will graduate with a portfolio that includes their resume, letters of recommendation, and other documents that show they are ready for employment. They will receive practice filling out job applications, completing mock interviews, and be taught the best practices for how to obtain and keep a job.  

Students work to potentially earn a ServSafe Food Handler's Certification and CDC Youth@Work Talking Safety Certificate

What does the certification do?